Director’s Message

Under tremendous pressure of global recession Indian economy has shown impressive strength with projected annual GDP growth of 8% in 2011-12. India has also proved itself as a favorite destination for FDI and other ventures. In order to integrate our national objective SSIM has also geared itself to lecture and produce professional talent that will actively contribute in the business ensuring out of this  growth in the country.


We are committed to foster sharpening of skills through various modes of activity viz

  • To encourage our faculty to take up research activities.
  • To support our faculty in the publication of papers seminars and conferences by way of financial and non financial mode.
  • To import regular training from semester 1st to 4th to our students by professional trainers.
  • To network our students with corporate world through sponsored projects and industry visits.


You are welcome to SSIM to explore career options of your choice and please do not hesitate to conduct us for any query /information .


                                 Best wishes to our prospective students.


                                                                                                       Dr. A.P.Singh